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What Do Investment Advisors Do?

What exactly do investment advisors do for their clients? It's a common question and the answers range from fairly obvious to "wow, I had no idea."

Finding a Financial Advisor

The SECURE Act and Your Retirement IRA

The SECURE Act will probably change your estate planning. Under the previous rules, we could ‘stretch’ IRA distributions to non-spouse beneficiaries, which allowed for a potentially significant income tax savings to the children of IRA owners. Now that could change, READ MORE...


Common Investing Challenges That Sales Professionals Face

Sales professionals are constantly looking to close the next deal. It's a tough business. Companies aren't always the best at sticking to promised commission payouts either. Sometimes the products or services are hard to sell. All of these factors combine into one hectic situation when it comes to planning for retirement. Read more...

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An Explanation of Our Name and Our Company Colors

This post explains our business name and colors & the reasons why we chose certain colors and words. It is about what sets us apart and makes us different from the average, boring investment advisor.

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Taking a Stroll Down Investment Beach

Investing can be like choosing waves at the beach. Some waves are dangerous, some aren't. In this blog post we'll check out Investment Beach and show you ways to stay safe out there.

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What is Active Management

What is active management? This blog post explains it and how John Ferraro, CIO of Longhouse Investments feels about it as a way to manage your wealth.

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A Detailed Discussion on Mutual Funds

In this blog post John Ferraro at Longhouse will go over mutual funds. How they got started, where they've been, and what they are today. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this exciting history lesson.


Are You Bored in Retirement?

Being bored in retirement can be stressful. Learn some FREE strategies to stay engaged, on your terms, and keep active without spending a ton of money.


Growth of an Elite Option Trader

"I still trade options but as an investor now not as a trader. I call myself elite because I‘ve made thousands of options trades and experimented with almost all of the well known strategies." Read more...

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5 Common Mistakes Investors Make in Their Pensions and Investments

The road to retirement is a minefield. Pensions & investments can be tricky. Learn how to avoid the common issues here.

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How To Hire An Investment Advisor

Your financial security can affect you as strongly as job satisfaction, relationship stability, and physical health combined. In this post we'll help you figure out a strategy to hire the best investment advisor to acheive your goals.

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