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The table below compares brokerage accounts with retirement accounts.

Brokerage Account Retirement Account
Taxes May incur capitals gains tax on investment income; investments sold 1 year or less after buying are subject to ordinary income tax Typically no capital gains; tax-deferred or tax-free growth
Contributions Unlimited Caps on annual contributions
Withdrawals No limits or penalties Penalties for withdrawing before a certain age, unless exceptions are met
Primary Use Stock trading, options trading, additional long-term investments after maxing out retirement accounts Long-term growth, retirement savings
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When you open an account with more than $250,000, you automatically qualify for a 5 day cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for two. 

Cruise booked 60 days after account is funded.

  • "A FREE cruise, what's the catch?"

    It really is a FREE cruise.

    There are only two requirements:

    1: Your account(s) must total $250,000 USD or more

    2: Your cruise date will be booked 60 days after your account(s) are open and funded.

    It's that simple!

    Click on the "open my account" link,

    then once you finish your application,

    give us a call!

  • How do I get started?

    1 Click on the blue button to open your account. It can be a retirement account or a non-retiremnt account.

    2 Finish the application.

    3 Call us at 760-642-1100 for instructions on the next steps to book your CRUISE or get your $500 cashback BONUS!

  • What if I don't want a free cruise but still want to open an account?

    We understand that cruise ships aren't for everyone.

    That's why we're offering a $500 cashback BONUS if you choose not to cruise.

    You'll still need to meet the free cruise requirements for the bonus.

    They are:

    1: Your account(s) must total $250,000 USD or more

    2: Your bonus will be paid 60 days after your account(s) are open and funded


  • "I never been on a cruise before..."

    Give us a call us at Longhouse, we have some veteran cruisers on our team. We'll be able to answer any questions you may have. We'll make sure your first cruise is a wonderful experience.

  • Where will the cruise be departing from?

    Your choice, leaving either from:

    the Port of Los Angeles or San Diego, California

  • What costs does the cruise promotion cover?

    This promotion covers your cruise fair for two adults only.

    All other expenses are the responsibility of the cruising guest(s).


    Examples of possible expenses are:

    travelling to and from the ship



    specialty dining

    beverage packages

    off-ship excursions

    some on-board entertainment

    wifi connectivity